Words words words. (2dumb4politics) wrote in shut_up_hippies,
Words words words.

Steven Colbert was right.

If you have the Discovery Channel, there's a new special called "Grizzly Man."

"I can feel her poop!" "It's still warm, this was just inside of her- my girl!"

A naturalist observing bears, overly dedicated to his work. Apparently, his girlfriend and he were messily devoured by a bear as their video camera recorded the sounds.

Bears. #1 on the Threatdown.

"As I look at his tapes, I am haunted by what I see in the faces of every bear he films. I see no kinship, I see no connection. I see only a half-bored interest in food. For me, there is no secret world of bears. I see only the cold indifference of nature."
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